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AKI CRRT 2023 header image
BioPorto team members from US and Denmark are attending this year’s
AKI & CRRT. We look forward to learning about late-breaking research
and meeting thought leaders in person.

Meet our new VP of Medical Affairs
We’d love to connect and catch up on what’s happening with AKI and biomarkers at your institution. 

Don’t miss the Friday lunch symposium featuring Dr. Stuart Goldstein of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. 

   LUNCH SYMPOSIUM: FR5 ~  Mar 31  ~  12:30-2:00 pm  

AKI and Biomarkers: Interesting Cases from the Bedside
(and how this could make me a better clinician)

After briefly discussing the current AKI guidelines and management challenges, the practicalities of integrating novel biomarkers into AKI clinical assessment and diagnosis will be covered: who to test, when, and what to do once you have the result. Cases of varying patient complexities will be used to provide tips from those more experienced implementing biomarkers at the bedside.